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Friday, January 24, 2014

authors note and what now

Author’s Note:
I am a seventeen year old guy, who is interested in Warhammer, Parkour, Coaching Special Needs Adults in Bowling, video games and watch horror movies.  I really enjoy going to conventions such as Keycon and Comic-con wearing costumes that I have made myself.  I have my brown belt in Karate and I am working toward my black belt, and I hope to accomplish this goal in the near future.  My favorite animals are my Pugs, C.J. and Gurdie.  I like to adopt rescue animals rather than buy them at a pet store.  I want to help animals that have no hope who live in shelters and have been abandoned.  I enjoy watching videos on the internet that my friends have uploaded on to YouTube.   I hope to get to travel and see some of the places on my list, especially the concert playground for Parkour in Seattle and the Tempest Free Running Center in California.  Someday, I hope there are places like these in Winnipeg for people who want to do Parkour and not be danger of being arrested for trespassing.  It would be nice to have Parkour parks just like we have skateboarding parks now.   I hope to graduate from High School this June and have not decided what I will be doing next year. For my Warhammer interest I have two fully made but some of them need to be painted armies one good and one bad. I hope you enjoyed reading this have a nice day.

What now:
I am looking forward to making more props and costumes for the upcoming Keycon in May, 2014 and the Comic-con that will happen in November.  My plans include making weapons for my costume which is a Cell operative from the game, Crisis 3.  I take a look at a picture of the character and try to find objects around my house that I can use to create the costume and weapons I will need.  I have made my costumes for the past few years for Keycon and Comic-con and look forward to continuing this hobby.  I really enjoy looking at all the other people who come to the conventions in their costumes and my favorite costumes are the ones that are totally home made by the people who wear them.  Sometimes at the conventions I have been able to buy pieces that I can incorporate into my costumes.   I enjoy seeing my friends that I only see during the conventions, we enjoy going to panel discussions together and planning for future costumes.  Keycon is the first place I heard about Warhammer and it has led to my newest hobby of painting miniatures for this table top game.  Warhammer is a great game and this year at Keycon 2014 I hope to be able to participate in a couple of games that will last for the whole night.  This year my cousin and I are planning to attend as many panels as we can in our homemade costumes with our futuristic weapons.

bucket list

Bucket list         50 items

1. Learn how to fly better
2. Go to the Bahamas
3. Give my deceased grandmother a gift
4. Make a full few Warhammer 40k army
5. Choose the Warhammer 40k armies I will get
6. Fly to America and go to a larger comic con
7. Go to keycon 2014 in a homemade costume
8. In the summer learn how to do parkour
9. Buy the PC game Titanfall coming out march 11 2014
10. Make a YouTube account for gaming and reviews or maybe parkour
11. Make myself a purely homemade comic con costume
12. Meet a YouTuber who plays Warhammer 40k
13. Go to Seattle and see the cement playground for parkour
14. Make an assassin’s creed costume
15. Meet Kevin Smith
16. Play and organize an airsoft game
17. Make the best sandwich
18. Skydive
19. Make kettle popped popcorn and enjoy it
20. Watch all the Starship troopers movies
21. Get my pugs to give me some love
22. Have a fake sword fight with some friends
23. Read a Warhammer 40k book
24. Obtain two katanas (samurai swords)
25. Finish list (25 more)
Half way there!
26. Learn how to play guitar
27. Learn how to play the drum set
28.  Learn the different military tactics
29. Get the board game space hulk
30. Learn how to play the board game space hulk
31. Read a 400 page book
32.  Go to California and go to the tempest free running center
33. Get married
34. Buy a house
35. Get a larger dog
36. Obtain an all-terrain vehicle  (ATV)
37. Get a driver’s licence
38. Donate some money on my birthday to Manitoba pug rescue
39. Play a game of softball with the family
40. Coach special needs bowling teams
41. Go to Churchill
42. Go to Vancouver
43. Go to astronomicon (Warhammer 40k convention)
44.  Make an airsoft aliens pulse rifle
45. Create props for comic con and keycon
46. Graduate from High School
47. Play a horror video game
48. Play a zombie game
49. Shoot the stride goat
50. Create an area in the city dedicated to parkour so we wouldn’t get arrested
51. Meet a YouTuber
52. Get black belt in Karate

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

imagery quickwrite

Concept Art Writing Prompt: A submarine decays in the middle of the desert

As I was walking to a new town I saw a submarine even though I knew that they only work in water. As I walked up I felt how warm the metal was. I noticed the extremely sharp jagged points near the front of the ship. When I walked to the other side I only then saw the small town that made this ship their home. Inside the ship as a mart. I only then noticed the horrible smell, I asked a child "what is that smell?'' he then turned and said "It's the metal rusting away and soon they would move to a new town." I couldn't believe how dangerous it was to live in a rusting warship. When I continued my journey I was angry because I had dust in my mouth. It was much better than the taste of rust though. I also couldn't think about how the child would do if he could deal with the no smell of the desert.